Advice 1: What dreams kiss

Dreams with kisses, of course, belong to the category of pleasant dreams. Hardly anyone will want to stop this dream, on the contrary, most of you would like to have it again.
What dreams kiss

Kissing in the dream

After dreaming about the kiss, you will most likely Wake up in a good mood, stretching, smiling and with a joyful expectation of a pick up favorite dream. But the interpretation of dreams with kisses mixed. On the one hand, kiss is considered a way of expressing true love and respect. On the other hand, the image of Judas tells us that sometimes a kiss - evidence of deception and brutal betrayal.
In any case, kiss dream for change, and their interpretation can be perceived in both positive and negative connotations.

How and with whom you kiss in your sleep?

Kiss on the lips of husband and wife, girl and boyfriend in a dream tells about a pleasant change: major joint purchase, unexpected winnings, gifts.
It is known that especially passionate kisses mark the imminent separation and its associated sadness.

Kissing married men married women with the opposite sex indicate the approaching dishonesty in relationships or work. Kiss his mother, brothers, sisters, a sign of success in business, friendship, business, relationships. Kiss with a friend will bring a fight, and the enemy – reconciliation and friendship.

Kissing in the address of a stranger is a pleasant unknown event (an expensive gift, a memorable celebration, the prospects in his career). Kissing a famous person means to improve their status and credibility. Kiss of the Gypsy promises of large financial gain or an unexpected success in business, but warns on rapid waste with careless attitude to luck.

If you are kissing the photo most likely depicts some kind of ancient goal that has not yet been achieved because of their own envy. Kisses on the cheek, neck, forehead warn of trick, bad news. Kissing the feet predicts the insult, humiliation. Kissing the ground in dreams before a long separation from family and loved ones (moving to another city or even another country).

Kissing with evil spirits, warn of possible failures: the interaction with the mean, financial instability. Kissing the dead is a forerunner of illness and even death. But if a child dreams that he sees the kiss, it is believed that it was his guardian angel sang lullabies to him and touched his wings, protecting sleep.

The vision of kissing children – happy ending troubling issues. Pregnant women also kiss promises special care of the heavenly powers, easy delivery and further prosperity in the family.

Advice 2: What a dream kiss with a familiar man

If you dream of a kiss or something more with a simple friend, with whom in real life, no romantic relationship, you do not associate, it is an occasion guard. It is possible to several interpretations, and only you, relying on intuition to decide which of them is correct.
What a dream kiss with a familiar man

The unresolved

A dream in which you dream that you are kissing with the familiar man, but not with a lover, usually indicates that you have a problem and you are still unable to solve it. If this man familiar to you, then some will have to point you to the root of the problem that bothers you. Think about what the main qualities this person has, in your opinion, deserve attention. Not necessarily positive, point out the existing problem can, in particular, and the negative side of this man.

Kiss means that the problem is even if you don't think about her, closing her eyes and trying to solve it, still affects you quite strongly. The closer you are to a man, the more is affecting you this situation. Try to understand what is the root concern, and then to look at all from the other side.

Be careful with this man

Kiss with a familiar person with whom you have no personal relationship, can talk about the fact that it is worth paying close attention. You need to try to understand what are his true intentions and feelings for you? He's probably hiding something. And you don't have something good, may have a negative attitude to you in secret.

If you kiss him passionately or gently, it can say that soon his attitude towards you will change a lot, and if you are friends or buddies, it could turn out that he will be your enemy or ill-wisher.

To kiss with a friend who you like or don't like

If you have a friend a man who is nice to you, but there's nothing there, then kiss him in the dream can hardly be a good sign. Most likely, you will be disappointed in it.

But it may be true that a kiss with him – that is your real desire, which was realized in a dream. Trying to interpret dreams, to trust your feelings. Each person has its own particular interpretation of dreams, because no dream can not predict your personal associations and desires.

When you kiss someone you don't like it, then it is important what feelings you experience in the dream. Dislike: your bad attitude now and in the future they will only get worse, reconciliation is inconceivable. The warmth and tenderness: it is possible that you are too harsh attitude towards this man, and in the future, you can establish friendly relations.
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