You will need
  • Computer, printer, paper, pen.
Think, are there circumstances in which you were not able to write and submit an appeal, purely objective. If you are sure, that the reason really excluded the possibility to file a timely disagreement with the decision of the court of first instance, write a statement about restoration of term for filing the appeal.
Everything that the court no doubt recognized the cause of the missing to be respectful, and you have more chances to restore the deadline to appeal, confirm the force majeure situation official certificates, receipts or other documents. Unjustified paperwork the court simply does not believe that you were sick, or judicial decision was later delivered.
The statement about restoration of the missed procedural term write in two copies by hand or using computer equipment. Written statement to the court, which heard the case at first instance.
Simultaneously with the statement for restoration of the missed deadline and the attached supporting documents, submit the prepared appeal. A complaint, be sure to register with the Secretary of the office of the court. One copy of each document to take yourself.
Wait for the official notice of the time and place of the hearing. The trial will be considered your statement, to understand the circumstances and reasons for the admission procedure period for filing complaints. The failure of those involved in the case, if proper notice is not an obstacle to the resolution put the issue before the court.
Do not despair, if the court makes a determination about the denial of your request. You still have a chance to restore the term for filing the appeal. Submit a private complaint in the superior court for the unjust, in your opinion, the definition.