Advice 1: How to make an appeal

Whatever the court's decision, it is still one of the parties will be unhappy with it. And if you think that the decision is not in your favor unfair and unjustified, you have the opportunity to appeal against it in higher instance. For this it is necessary to properly prepare and file an appeal.
How to make an appeal
You will need
  • - the decision of the court;
  • - data of the persons participating in the case;
  • - The civil code.
Specify in the appeal the following information: name of the arbitration court in which it is filed; the name of the person who submits the appealand all persons participating in the case; the name of the arbitration court, which adopted the contested decision.
Write the case number and date of adoption decision. Also, the appeal must contain the subject of the dispute.
List all requirements that are available to the person filing the complaint and the grounds for which should be appealed the decision. This paragraph should contain references to laws and other normative legal acts.
Please describe in detail the circumstances of the case and the evidence related thereto.
Write a list of the documents attached to the complaint. Can also specify phone numbers, Fax numbers, email addresses, and other data that may be necessary or useful in the handling of your case.
Send a registered letter with a notification to other participants of the case a copy of the appeal with attached documents, which they may be absent. Or hand all the documents to them personally on receipt.
Attach to the appeal the following documents: a copy of the contested decision; receipt of payment of the state fee or the petition is a confirmation of the granting of deferment of payment; the document confirming that others involved in the case, was received a copy of the appeal and supporting documents; power of attorney confirming the right of signature appeal.
Submit the appeal no later than one month after the decision of arbitration court of first instance. If this deadline is missed, you can submit an application for its restoration to the arbitration court of appeal. The decision can be positive, subject to the submission of the application no later than six months from the date of the contested decision and if there is a valid reason for missing the deadline.
Direct appealsigned by the person who filed the complaint, or his official representative, made the decision at first instance arbitration court. This court in turn should pass the document along to the case to the arbitration court of appeal instance not later than three days from the date of its receipt.

Advice 2: How to write an appeal

At the time of entrance or certification exams not everything goes smoothly. If you are sure that you are not deservedly reduced scores or there was a violation of the test procedure, you can feel free to file an appeal.
How to write an appeal
An appeal is a written statement of the applicant or graduate of the violation of the procedure of the exam, which led to exhibited unfair assessment. During the appeal, verified by how adequately to assess the applicant's answers. Many people think that the appeal gives you the opportunity to fix something or finish. In fact, the appeal is not re-examination, but it is the right of everyone entering.
For filing an appeal should come before the appeals Commission within the deadline. They need to write a statement of disagreement with the results of the exam and then attend the examination. To appeal, the applicant must personally. To attend the consideration of the application can also parents (or guardians) if the applicant is under 18 years of age. When writing an application, you must have a passport and an examination leaf.
The appeals Commission consists of teachers of various specialties relevant to the examination subject. During the verification the appeals Board considers the errors coming, explains them to him. If student work has been assessed correctly, the claim of the applicant rejected. Otherwise, change the score for the work. However, it can be both above and below the initially displayed.
If the graduate school does not agree with the results of the exam, his work examines the mediation of the region, which is home to the future student. The Commission considers appeals of not only the results of the exam, but by order of the meeting. In the latter case, it is served immediately after the exam. For this subject you need to write an application in two copies, one of them transfer to the representative of the certification Commission, which is the conclusion and transmits it to the conflict Committee of the region.
If a conflict Commission when reviewing the case found the facts described in the statement, the results of the work of the graduate will be void, and he is assigned to retaking the exam. Appeal of exam results is also a conflict Commission. The procedure is the same as in the appellate Committee of the University.

Advice 3: How to appeal the exam and increase the rating

The results of the exam are not satisfied with many of the graduates, but to challenge them, by lodging a complaint, one. And in vain, because of the amount of points depends successful admission to the University, and on appeal often these points are added.
How to appeal the exam and increase the rating

The appeal of the exam may be different. So, if a student sees the exam of violation of the order, he may file a technical appeal. It is appropriate in the case of, for example, when someone graduates, not given forms or drafts, misrepresented data, etc. If the student believes that this has prevented him to successfully pass the exam, the appeal – good output.

Need to take a job and then within a couple of hours after the exam to submit to the Commission a complaint. One takes the chair of the Commission, on the other hand give the graduate. Then you create a conflict Commission, which checks. If violations are confirmed, the results of the exam will be revoked, and the Complainant gets a second chance to pass the exam. The delay can be used to prepare for the exam better.

And yet the appeal most likely to occur if a graduate is dissatisfied with the assessment. This can be done within two working days after received the results of the exam. The complaint also have to write in 2 copies issued on Commission letterhead. One remains in Commission, and the other is handed to the student. With this instance he comes to the consideration of the appeal in the exam.

About the time of this review must be notified in advance. To come to the Commission with possible parents, all reviewers must have a passport. But even if you do not are one, the complaint still would consider carefully check all the work.

The answer is given on the same day. Very often it happens that the members of the Commission add a couple of points. But it is not enough in the case of intense struggle for a place in a prestigious University.

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