You will need
  • - The code of civil procedure of the Russian Federation;
  • - personal data of the plaintiff and defendant;
  • - the decision or ruling, which is subject to appeal;
  • receipt about payment of state duty.
Write an appeal if you decide to appeal the appeal ruling, decision of the Supreme court or another decision, which is subject to appeal to the court of cassation, prescribed in article 377 code of civil procedure of the Russian Federation.
In the upper right corner enter the name of the court in which you wish to make a complaint. Accordingly, it will be the Supreme court. Next, write the complete address of the location of cassation. Enter personal information of the Respondent, his address of permanent place of residence. Enter the surname, name, patronymic of the claimant, the address of his residence.
In the middle of the name of document in capital letters. Then enter the date and the name of the judicial authority, decision or determination which you are appealing. Write the number of the case, which was considered by the court and by which it was issued.
In the descriptive part of the appeal, list the case considered by the court. Then, referring to legislative acts in the reasoning of the arguments and write the grounds on which you do not agree with the decision or determination.
In the petitionary part of the complaint email that you ask to cancel the decision or determination of the court, adopt a new resolution, and the lawsuit said the plaintiff, cancel.
Enter the list of evidence attached to the complaint. These include the decision or the court that you are appealing, the receipt on payment of state duty, the amount of which is established by the legislation. Make as many copies of the appeal, how many of those involved in the case. Put your signature, the date, your surname, initials.
In a cassation order, you will not have the right to appeal the decision of the Supreme court of the Russian Federation, resolutions that have not passed the appeal stage, a judicial determination and magistrates. It is impossible to file an appeal if you appeal a determination by the district court. This is enshrined in article 377 of the Civil procedure code of the Russian Federation.
Write the supervising complaint, if the decision or the decision of the Supreme court of the Republic in the procedure for appealing the decision of the lower court on, for example, municipal or district court. Feeding made, signed by the applicant, a document with attached evidence to the Presidium of the Supreme court.