To file an appeal in two ways:
1. if during the exam had violated the established order of carrying out of examination;
2. if you do not agree with the results of the exam.
In the first case you need the day of the exam after passing the forms to withdrawal from educational institutions to ask the organizer of the exam in a special form to write your appeal. Make your complaint arbitrarily in two copies and give consideration to the Chairman of the certification Commission. He must sign your appeal and a copy of the complaint to give you.
The term of consideration of such complaints is 3 days, after which it either satisfies or rejects. In the case of satisfaction of the appeal will be assigned to retake.
If you do not agree with the results of the exam, within 2 working days after the official announcement of the examination results will receive a form for drawing up of appeal with the Director of your educational institution or the Secretary of the disputes Committee. Make a complaint in two copies and pass it to the persons who gave you the form for drawing up of appeal. They are required to endorse your complaint and give one copy to you.
You have the right to participate in the appeal, so you have to tell where and when this review will take place.
Upon appeal, your complaint will either reject or satisfy. In the second case, you will be exposed to new points.