You will need
  • - the statement;
  • - passport;
  • help confirm the importance of missing deadlines.
If the period of the Statute of limitations on the claim on the defendant has expired, you have the right to restore it. To do this you have to apply to the arbitration court a statement as the right to appeal to justice has no terms of limitations and restrictions.
In the statement specify with the expiry of the term of Statute of limitations, and why you failed to timely file a statement of claim to your rights and legal interests are protected in court. The statement is made in standard form and has no unified Blanca, so in the free form, describe all of your requirements which you bring to the court.
Attach certificates, other documents confirming that the skip periods was good enough. This can be a certificate from a medical institution confirming your illness, which you are unable to promptly initiate proceedings for the consideration of the protection of their rights and legitimate interests. If you were in a different city, country, will receive documentary evidence in the bodies of the Federal migration service. While serving a termof punishment in a corrective labor institution, or with the passage of term or contract service in the Armed forces of the Russian Federation will present a certificate.
The court may accept other reasons for a good enough recovery periods Statute of limitations. Based on the resolution you will be able to reopen the case and file a claim to protect their legitimate rights and interests.
You have the right to petition for restoration of terms Statute of limitationsif the defendant does not object and does not mention that the period of the Statute of limitations on collection has expired. In this case, the action statement for the recovery.
If you are dismissed you have the right to appeal to a higher court and demand a retrial of the question of the restoration periods Statute of limitations.