You will need
  • phone;
  • browser.
To manage the services offered by the mobile operator, quite conveniently through a personal account on the website of the operator. Open in one of browser's tab page and click located in the upper right-hand corner on the link "Entrance to Personal Cabinet".
In the form to login, specify the login and password. The username in this case will be your phone number. Without spaces, type the sequence of numbers beginning with the code of the cellular operator.
If you never used your personal account, need input password is unknown to you can be puzzling. To resolve this problem, apply the option "Get password" by clicking the link located next to the form to login. In the next couple of minutes specified as the login number will receive an SMS with a short accompanying text and combination of numbers. Enter the password in the right field.
If necessary, change the password using the available in the personal Cabinet option "Change password". If you don't want to remember another combination of signs, can use the received password for subsequent logins.
Switch to the tab of the service "Internet assistant". The right name can be seen on the left from the tab "my account" at the top of the page. To see a list of connected services menu on the left select "Manage services". If you want to display the full list, use the option "All" in the bottom of the window. The default service names will be shown in alphabetical order.
Locate the service "Promised payment". If the left link is available on "Disable", click on it. The ability to turn off services may not be available with a negative balance. Turn on your account sufficient funds to repay the promised payment activated, and deactivate the service via the "Internet assistant".