Why men leave

People fall in love and start a serious relationship. Usually, it all starts great: flowers, candy, kisses, trips to restaurants. Couple can not imagine existence without each other. But there comes some tipping point, and everything stops. Lovers lose the thread that bound them, and cease to understand whether they need this relationship.

Often the initiator of the break becomes a man. The reasons for the breakup could be many. For example, a woman is not satisfied with him in bed, she's ill-prepared or too imposed, it ceases to look after themselves or take care of your faithful. Some men leave because they get tired of being with the same choice, it seems that on the side they will find something better. And some go straight to the other women.

Why do men come back

After the departure of the beloved women try to forget about them and start a new life. They meet new men and make new contacts. And all would be well, but often the former suddenly burst into their lives and turns everything on its head.

Why do men do it? The reasons may be completely different:

The man realized his mistake. If the reasons to leave a lover was not quite so specific, the representative of the stronger sex can quickly see that breaking anything. He may have entered into a relationship with another lady and compared her with his ex, which won in all respects.

The man felt alone. Maybe he wanted to remain a bachelor, but cherished freedom did him no good, but full of loneliness. Where to go the man in this case, if not to the abandoned bride?

The man was unable to forget his beloved. After parting for some reason, many people understand that lost true love.

The man wants revenge. If the couple broke up, to put it mildly, not friends, the former can return only in order to ruin the life of obesity. Perhaps he saw that his woman happy without him, and tries to establish a relationship with her, then to hurt her. Unfortunately, there are "frames".

Whether to return to the former

Doesn't really matter why the man decided to return, important to understand whether or not to let him do it. People say that the broken Cup not to stick together. Most often these words are true. Moreover, it is necessary to think women that have already found a new soul mate.