Where to spend summer vacation in Russia

In our country there are many places that surprise beautiful scenery or historic sites. If you can't imagine a vacation without the sea, is to go on the black sea coast, where swimming season starts from late may and early June, depending on weather conditions. Sochi, Anapa, Gelendzhik and many villages are open to tourists. There can be arranged in small hotels, chic guest houses or rent a room from private individuals.

When the sea to swim tired, you can go to Karelia and enjoy the unique and extremely beautiful nature of this region. There you can visit the national Museum, to see a gorgeous waterfall, or conquer the mountain tops. No less beautiful in the summer and lake Baikal, rich in not only freshwater, but also a variety of wildlife.

Have a great vacation, you can also in Kaliningrad, which is not typical for southern and Central Russia grueling summer heat. There you can enjoy a beautiful natural landscape, to enjoy the sandy Curonian spit and to see the old European architecture.

Where to go in the summer abroad

No less interesting, you can spend a summer vacation in other countries. Beach lovers are waiting for Turkey, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Spain, Italian or French coast. But in Egypt at this time is very hot. For those who like a more mild climate, it is best to go to the Baltics and cool Baltic sea, pine woods and white sand.
In Latvia and Lithuania, the sea is pleasant for swimming in just 8-10 weeks, and the best time for a beach holiday there in July.

Well, to enjoy a various sightseeing program, the best time to travel to Europe. Every country there has a rich history, its own traditions and unique architecture. However, in July-August there also happens to be very hot, especially in Italy and Spain. You can take a tour of several countries or to get acquainted with any single state – it all depends on your desires and possibilities.
Summer in Europe can easily combine a beach holiday and excursions.

In the summer it is also good to visit Japan, where intertwined harmoniously high technology and ancient traditions. The Japanese city is good because there you can find entertainment for every taste - from visit modern clubs to relax in a quiet beautiful Park that allows you to escape from the bustle and noise. Well, if funds allow, you can travel across America. To at least a little to know this country should drive across several States, and even better – across the continent. However, in the southern United States in summer quite hot.