The whole world is open for you and waiting when you finally decide to pack for the road. Exotic and tropical storms, azure waves and sandstorms, fun trips and exciting adventures, Golden tan and sea-sickness – all this and many other you can get at any time, but traditionally the Russians are going somewhere in the summer.Endure 2-3 hour flight from Moscow, you will reach Turkey. In the summer it keeps the temperature about 35 degrees, precipitation is unlikely, the industry is well developed, the prices of services closer to low. The summer season begins in may and ends in October. In the coast district of Antalya nothing particularly interesting there, but closer to the Aegean – you can find a lot of mysterious ruins.For the patriots receive a rest in the summer in the South of Russia. The temperature is about 25-30 degrees, but the probability of rain is quite high. There are many advantages – do not need a passport, speak Russian, and can be reached by car or by train. But the prices are higher than in Turkey, and the quality of service is much lower. You can go full "savage" and placed in the local "pampas". The advantages of this cheap and guaranteed a lot of adventures!For lovers of the exotic will be interesting to rest in the summer in Cuba. The beaches of Varadero are among the cleanest in the world. For lovers of active holidays in Cuba have prepared trips on the yacht, which will be released in the open sea, fishing, surfing and diving. Take a stroll through Havana, discover its colonial architecture. Excursions to the tobacco and the sugar factory will give you the opportunity to feel and "smell" the Cuban flavor.The real jewels of the Mediterranean sea are Cyprus and Crete. For lovers of Antiques there is no better place. The cultures of different peoples in Cyprus whimsical and elusive mixed and assimilated. You have the opportunity to visit the Byzantine, Greek and Christian monasteries and churches, and the Roman amphitheater.On Crete you will find the ruins of the Knossos labyrinth, which is considered the dwelling of the Minotaur. The island's North coast is a continuous sandy beaches and comfortable resort.Montenegro in the summer is a real find! Speaking slowly and distinctly, you will understand definitely. All the Montenegrin coast is an ecologically clean area, protected by UNESCO. There are even fjords. Housing prices and service will pleasantly surprise you, and interesting on the Adriatic coast very much.Go in the summer to Bulgaria, soak up the sun on its Sunny shores. Relax there quite cheap, and the experience you will get no less than fashionable expensive resort.Don't be afraid to visit Tunisia, the climate is mild and the prices are quite affordable. In the summer you can go to Bali. From April to end of October you'll find a great dry weather. The service at the proper level and a beautiful and exotic nature will capture your heart.