If you go on the Mediterranean coast and decided to spend the summer in the city, check out ads in local media, where are all the places suitable for recreation and swimming.

The city beaches are fungi, locker rooms, fast food outlets. In all the rest areas staffed by professional rescuers of the regional emergency services radio. Vacationers rent boats, kayaks, life jackets, inflatable mattresses.

In all areas, the bathing, on a daily basis takes a sample of water city sanitary epidemiological station. Sandy beach is thoroughly cleaned of debris.

Do not swim in places not intended for public recreation and is not equipped for this. At the beach you are guaranteed safety.

For example, in Moscow, according to preliminary swimming will only be possible in 10 reservoirs, while sunbathing is allowed on the 35 beaches. In the Northern capital you can swim only in the lake Nameless, to rest, not swimming, on 25 beaches. In Samara will work no more than 8 beaches in the Kursk region 66 officially registered beaches In Anapa from 111 beaches will be opened only 49.

Alternative option is inflatable and extended pools. If you have a smallholding, the cottage buy pool. Its size you can choose at will, manufacturers offer various shapes and volumes of pools at different prices.

Having the cottage pool, you don't need to think which area is best to visit. The swimming season you will be able to start much earlier and finish only late in the autumn, when the nights will be cold enough.

Near the pool you can install a grill, wooden deck chairs and sunshade. Vacation get no worse than in places with large concentrations of people.