Advice 1: Where to go in the summer to relax one

It so happened that in summer the body requires rest. And the best way to do this is to change the familiar surroundings and to travel. Fortunately in our country and abroad there are many interesting places where you can go, even alone.
Where to go in the summer to relax one

Beach vacation

In the summer I especially want to enjoy the azure clear water, white sand and warm sun. If you have the desire, you can go to the native Black sea, where the bathing season starts in late may. In Sochi, Anapa and Gelendzhik, in addition to a beach holiday, tourists will have a rich excursion program. But if you want a more secluded place better to go in small towns, for example in dzhankhot.

Book a hotel in advance, via the Internet or by phone, and rent a room from private owners can be on the spot.
The black sea is waiting for beach lovers and in the Crimea, where vacationers can also go on exciting excursions to historical sights. Crimea is famous for its very beautiful nature, rest on the bosom which is especially nice. Have a good holiday and abroad. Turkey, for example, is the ideal holiday destination for those who have not found a company. You don't have to worry about accommodation or food, because all that you order in advance. And the hotel can always meet someone new, and then together to have fun on the beach or during excursions.
If you like a quieter holiday, it is better to go to one of the small villages of Kemer or Alanya, and those who like to party until dawn, waiting for the beautiful and bustling town of Marmaris.
If Turkey does not appeal to you, you can go to Greece, Croatia, Montenegro, Spain or Bulgaria. There you will be able to stay in luxury hotels, running on the system "all inclusive" and rent a room or small apartment with private entities. Elegant beach vacation there combined with a rich excursion program in the local sights, so bored you just do not have, even alone.


Summer vacation can be carried out not only on the beach, and on excursions. If you are going to travel alone, best to go to a bus tour of several countries so you will be always in the company of compatriots, and under the supervision of a guide. Or to purchase tour excursions in any one country, every day going to local attractions. Lovers of beautiful architecture, rich culture and a long tradition to go to Portugal, France or Italy. Bored just do not have, because every day in these countries can discover new places. Always waiting for its guests from Spain, Germany, Czech Republic and other European countries. For those who want to be in a cooler climate, you can go to Scandinavian countries and to visit Finland, Denmark, Sweden or Norway. Have a nice summer in the Baltic with its special architecture, coniferous forests and cool beaches of the Baltic sea and white sand.

Advice 2: Where can I go to relax alone

No company in any case shall not cause failure of the planned journey. Rest alone has many advantages, including the ability to gather my thoughts and do only what you want.
Where can I go to relax alone

Beach holidays abroad

If you do not know English and are afraid to get lost in a foreign country, it is best to go on a package tour. The latter can be purchased from a tour operator who will book you a hotel and will offer all sorts of excursions. After that enough time to arrive at the airport, and on arrival in another country - take a transfer to the hotel. Tours are also no problem, because you will travel with a group.

Similarly, you can visit any country. In summer you can relax on the beaches of Turkey, Greece, Croatia, Spain, Montenegro and other European countries. In spring and autumn the best times to visit UAE, Israel or Egypt. And in winter in warm Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka or Bali.

If you are not afraid of long flights, you can spend a wonderful time in the Maldives or the Canary Islands, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Cuba, or on the beaches of Brazil. Practically lasts all year round wonderful weather and on the island of Mauritius. Aside from beaches, there you can enjoy a rich excursion program, unusual gastronomic experiences, relaxing SPA treatments or exploring the underwater world.

Sightseeing holiday abroad

The more active guests the best tour of one or several countries. During daily excursions with a group of tourists, even in solitude will not be bored, and always will be the guide controlling your ride. To explore the rich history or see the beautiful architecture, the best time to travel to Europe. Every country there has a unique flavor and keeps in the museums of ancient art.

If funds allow, you can go to the East. Japan and China, for example, the striking contrast of high technology and ancient traditions. There you can see many unique attractions and dive into a completely different atmosphere. However, without a guide or knowledge of the local language to travel to these countries will be difficult, because in English there is owned by a few.

Stay in Russia

Alone and relax in his native country. In the summer is go to the Black sea coast and enjoy the beautiful nature of the Kuban. This time of year is also good to spend your vacation in Karelia or in Siberia. And in late spring or early fall is better to travel to cities within the Golden ring of Russia. In the winter, if you are afraid of cold, you can enjoy the beauty of lake Baikal, which organized excursions on the road.
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