Preliminary stage

Bondage in sexual games has two components – psychological and physiological. I need to start to find out from your partner, especially if you started Dating recently, does he have any chronic illnesses or fears, for example, hypertension or claustrophobia. It is necessary to designate a taboo partner, let him list what not to do: smear it with strawberry jam to put her heel in the stomach, etc., a Woman who is the dominant partner in this situation accepts responsibility for the success of the event.

The game with the tying requires minimal training. When did you find out the degree of power of one and subordination of another, create a certain scenario. In any case, it's a game. Make it role-playing and fun. Play, for example, in the Amazon and the prisoner. Let it be a game, but it needs to be a motivation, and each plays its role.

You can tie anything – scarves, ties, belts and even stockings, but not much, not to interfere blood vessels. You don't have to buy ten meters of rope and immediately start the execution of nodes of the bandage according to the scheme.

The etiquette of these games require a special dress code. A woman should be in heels or heeled boots, stockings, corset. The man, clearly naked. He obeys. He is your prisoner.

Don't lose sight of the entourage of space. The house will lower the lights, light candles, burn incense, turn on the music.

You can play lying down, standing, and sitting. Agree in advance what you will tie your man: to the chair, to the battery, to the bench in the bath, to the birch in the yard of your home, etc.

The game started

To enhance the playing effect, you can tie a partner's eyes when we come to the preliminary caresses. Deprivation of opportunities to see, hear, smell, is called sensory deprivation. And, if the person loses the ability to see what is happening, his other senses would be enhanced.

Force him to caress you where you want, how you want. Today, he is your prisoner, do what you are told. Will be lazy, slap a couple of times by the Pope. This is one of the most sensitive erogenous zones. Suddenly, like it. Slap will be appropriate and will cause an explosion of the senses, because the man is so ashamed, and so he is helpless, and now his and slap. The hero of the movie "exit to Eden" since childhood, could not do without the slaps to live, and found the same happiness at the end of the story.

With the prisoners it is desirable to act humanely. Alaskite your man so, so long remembered. Do not forget about yourself, because your goal is to get pleasure, too. Make sure that his "insurgent advantage" could be in the most suitable time for you to use. There are many techniques to bring a partner, and not always the most tender are the most effective. Experiment with touching his erogenous zones, gently pinching, pacaraima and nipping teeth. Watch. See what he likes and what not.

Alternatively, you can use an ice cube, for example. Water droplets may drip on his belly with your fingers. Touch the cube to his nipple, move back. Watch the reaction.

Of course, everything that happened will speak for a few moments after the orgasm of both. Discuss what is liked and what was not acceptable. And keep experimenting.

The most useful advice

Never, never touch the throat of the partner during sexual games with bondage. You have no experience and perhaps medical education. Strangulation is too complex practice of BDSM. It does not concern you.