General rules

Lubrication should be applied to both partners. If you use gel with condoms, it should apply on the condom, not the penis, because in the latter case, the lubricant may cause slippage of the condom.

If the lubricant says she anal, use it for other purposes. Often they grease add the pain killers or drugs, so they taste will, to put it mildly, not very pleasant. After intercourse lubricant residue should be washed with warm water and soap. And most importantly, if after applying lubricant you experience discomfort or it is causing you an allergic reaction, choose for themselves the products of another company.

Lubricant composition

The composition of the gels-lubricants come in three types: water, silicone or oil-based. Water – the most affordable most popular. They are water soluble and do not stain clothing and linens and can be used with all sex toys and condoms. However, such greases dry out faster than the others, therefore require constant additions.

Oil lubrication is often used for erotic massage. They have all the advantages of oils is pleasant on the skin, can heat up from friction, and certainly will not evaporate in the process. But on clothing such lubrication ostanetsja for a long time. Oil flush is not easy. Another significant disadvantage of these lubricants is the impossibility to use with condoms and latex. If you are not using a condom, oil lubrication will suit you perfectly.

Silicone lube is more expensive than water, but more economical. One portion is usually enough until the end of sexual intercourse. Lubricant silicone-based belong to the last generation of intimate lubricants, they are perfect for intimate toys and can be used safely with condoms. In addition, less allergens than oil lubrication.

Intimate lubricant by appointment

Gels-lubricants can be very diverse. For those who like to experiment and those who did not dare oral sex, suitable lubrication with flavors. For prolongation of sexual intercourse is good to use a lubricant with anaesthetic – it dulls the sensitivity of the penis. In addition, you can choose the gel with spermicidal properties, warming cooling or Vice versa, as well as narrowing the size of the vagina or relaxing anus before anal sex.