You will need
  • gold ring (wedding)
  • a wooden ruler
  • woolen thread
Take a sitting position, expand the shoulders, put your hand on the table. Wrist when measuring pressure should be at the same level with the heart. Adjust the height position of the wrist and elbow, placing the rolled roller towel or a small pillow. Find a place on the wrist where a pulse. Make 5-6 deep breaths in order to remove the possible over-excitement.
To a gold ring without a stone (preferably smooth) tie a piece of yarn about 40 cm long pass the thread through the ring and tie it in a knot. The ring will play the role of the pendulum.
Wooden ruler attach along the arms, aligning the zero mark on the scale with the place of the found beats. Take the thread behind the knot in your other hand and place it on the elbow to match the position of the ring with the zero mark on the ruler scale. When the ring "grope" pulse, it will start to wobble or spin. Align this point with the zero on the ruler.
Slowly move the thread with the ring along the arm towards the elbow. The ring will rest. But will start to wobble again in the place which will match on a scale with an indicator of lower level of blood pressure (in millimeters). Remember him and keep the ring on. The next time the ring will spin and show a higher level of blood pressure. Having both figures, write them down.
Repeat the measurement several times through, 2-3 minutes. The need several times a day to measure blood pressure often brings unnecessary anxiety. As a rule, the results of the first approach, therefore, be overstated. Keep this in mind when determining outcomes.
There is another method to measure the pressure ring when the ring is a sensor of the electronic blood pressure monitor, worn on the finger. And although there is a certain convenience if measurements are made (e.g., no need to remove outer clothing, convenient to use in the way of driving), but the error of such a device is quite large.