You will need
  • - safety straps (for beginners);
  • - the absence of fear;
  • - perseverance.
Before proceeding to the execution of the trick, need to learn to do a handstand, at least near the wall. The more time you will be able to stand on his hands, the better. Roughly 3-4 minutes is enough. Also it is advisable to learn how to do push-UPS on his hands, to engage with the expander and free weights and do other strength exercises for development of muscles of hands. In order to develop a strong grip, you must also accustom himself to keep vis on the crossbar of the horizontal bar for a long time.
At the initial stage, if you learn how to do "sun" at the yard bar and not in the gym, you'll need straps. Sew them yourself, because they must be securely insure you from falling off the monkey bars to the ground. For sewing the straps will fit a tow rope, webbing from an old backpack/briefcase or belt on a kimono.
If you decide to buy the cable, select durable, so it is not stretched. So, take the rope, cutting it in a length of about 80-85 cm and Then have to go to the bar and try on the strap to determine the appropriate length (roughly it can be 67-75 cm).
After you have measured the desired length, cut off the excess, leaving a reserve of about five inches for stitching. Now sew them in the shape of a cross in the square (i.e., first, you need to sew a square, then a cross inside it) a strong thread. Stitching straps, be sure to check their strength.
So, you need to learn as much as possible to swing on the horizontal bar. Put on your straps and begin to swing, try to make it as high as possible. However, do not bend the arms at the shoulders and bend the back - need to keep it straight. You can bend your legs only at the beginning of training because ideally, the body should be fully extended.
You will need diligence and perseverance. If you perform a trick doesn't work, try another and another. To make "honey" was easier to start the swing with the front stop. When you exercise you reach the upright, initially you may be a little scary. We will need to overcome your fear and make an attempt (or several attempts) to "waddle" on the other side of the bar.
When you get to "throw" his body over the horizontal bar, you can congratulate yourself: you made the sun. However, it should not be limited to only one turnover, do the exercise series. The more lots you can do, the better it will turn the trick. It is advisable that you trained every day, so the faster you will achieve the desired result and secure it. Do not stop there, combine "sun" with other elements performed on the horizontal bar.