You will need
  • Four hosiery needles;
  • Woolen thread;
  • Hook.
Dial four hosiery needles at two loops. All you should have eight stitches. To associate a circle with spokes, you need to do circular rows as if knitting mittens and socks. You will round out the work through the addition of knitting, promazyvaya from one of the front two loops.
Associate a first circular row of facial loops, capturing the thread the working needle behind the knitting.
Next round knit the fabric in this order:- in the second circular row, make one addition from each loop;
the next three rows knit facial loops;
- in the sixth circular row again promazyvaya twice each loop;
seventh, eighth and eleventh number – do facial;
- repeat the twelfth row of the addition, and from the thirteenth to the nineteenth – facial hinge.
Continue knitting circle knitting, alternating the front five circular rows with one next to the additions. Now you first have to purl twice every fifth needle, then every sixth.
Close the loop. To do this, first remove the working loop, and the next link front. Grab the left knitting needle, a beveled hinge and slightly stretching it, stretch through it.. You can close knitting with a hook to the thread from slipping from the needles. When you going to finish my knitted knitting circle, pull the thread through the last loop and tighten it.
Cutting off a small "tail" and gently put him on the wrong side of the product and slide the hook through the top several loops - the thread will not be visible.