Refrain from sexual intercourse if you feel very tired. You've had a long and very busy day full of experiences. The body is very tired from the constant tension, so instead of get pleasure from lovemaking, you will have to wait for them to finish. This, you see, not what you dreamed of.
If you have decided that before the wedding, the intimacy is unacceptable, so the wedding night will be filled with a real sense, and not just tradition. In this case, you must be very attentive to the partner, not to insist on something if he does not want to, because the first intimacy can determine the nature of all future married life.
Proceed gradually. If you feel that your spouse is in pain, it is better to stay. Of course, all women are different: someone painlessly moves the first sexual intercourse and receives a previously unseen pleasure, and someone, on the contrary, feel very uncomfortable. If your girlfriend belongs to the second type, it is better to prepare her to have sexual intercourse for 2-3 days.
Remember that this night is different from all the others. For the first time, you will enjoy not just your girlfriend or boyfriend, and the legal spouse. This night is yours and you can do whatever you want.
Be gentle with your partner. Try to please my partner, but forget about yourself is not worth it. If you are enjoying what is happening and see what your spouse or spouse also gets pleasure, then everything goes as it should.