You will need
  • - rose petals;
  • - scented candles;
  • - silk bedding;
  • - beautiful lingerie.
Don't go home make this night unforgettable. Reserve early for a room in a nice hotel, with a large bed and beautiful view from the window. It is best to choose the Bridal Suite. This will help to turn away from problems, to relax and enjoy the wedding night.
If you do not have the ability or desire to spend their wedding night at the hotel, you can go home. But make sure that no one was home, just you and your spouse. To create a romantic atmosphere need to take care of AIDS. Rose petals on the bed around scented candles, dim lights and silk bedding. You can prepare light meals and cream to use during foreplay.
The girl it is advisable to purchase beautiful lingerie, dressing gown to impress her husband. Makeup after a long day can spoil, and the hair stuck to the rice, so you should go to the bathroom and freshen up. Keep the wedding dress yourself, just to do husband.
When you get rid of uncomfortable dress, you can go to the main. No need to hurry, because you have the whole night ahead of us. Turn on the background romantic music to create the right atmosphere. Tune in to the right mood with a joint bubble bath. After it you can give each other a relaxing massage, which fades into foreplay.
If on the wedding night you will close, you should gently clean the defloration. To avoid staining the linen with blood, and put under him a folded in half towel. Don't worry and try to relax, the process was not so painful. There are two postures that will allow you to do this quickly and without unnecessary pain.

First: you lie back, tucked under your buttocks a small pillow, knees bent and tucked up to his chest. In this position, the hymen is stretched and torn quickly, so the pain is short-lived.

For the second pose you need to lie across the bed and put my feet on the floor. Your spouse takes a position between your thighs and enters from this position. The defloration process is quick and you will not feel severe pain.
After that it is recommended to wait to have sex until the wound heals a bit. So to end the marriage night kisses and mutual caresses. If you don't want to go to bed after that, think in advance of what to do on the wedding night then.