The wedding night though and has lost its traditional importance, it is a symbol of new life for the couple. This is the first night as married people, and go she needs special. This is the beginning of your new life, night must be the Foundation of your marital relationship.
The wedding ceremony and festivities on this occasion is extremely exhausting both spouses. So by the end of the holiday there is a wish to sleep, as the force for something more simple to do. It is advisable to spend your wedding night in a nice hotel. It is in an unfamiliar environment.
At the hotel or in the hotel book your wedding room. You in a special way, arrange the room. Big and soft bed will be strewn with rose petals, silk bedding will add spice to the night. Make sure that no one even accidentally violate your privacy. Make love in this night is for you to decide. In the morning you first Wake up a married couple.