You will need
  • computer;
  • modem wi-fi.
Set the modem at this point of your home where you can bring the phone cable, and where would spread the wifi signal on the room. Include the modem in the socket. Further, it is connected to the telephone cable. Try to choose a place that is closer to the window.
Turn on your computer or laptop having a wi-fi adapter and run any browser. In the instructions to the modem will indicate what his address and the username and password. Address (could be type in the line where you usually dial the address of the page and press enter. In the dialog window that appears enter the login and password to the modem. Make sure your wifi adapter is enabled and working (on some laptops it may be inactive). All data is entered correctly, to continue there was no need to fix it.
After entering to the settings page of the modem, enter settings of your service provider. This is usually the server address of your ISP, username and password to the server, and configure your personal home network. It should also change the password to access the modem, set the access password computers so cute the neighbors had not abused your kindness.
As practice shows, often in the homes of people sharing the access point, as they are easy passwords. Of course, maybe you do not mind using the modem, however no one is immune from serious consequences.
Save the settings, check the connection on the computer. If for some strange reason the computer doesn't see the connection with the modem, try to restart the computer, since the network settings for Windows do not always work the first time. Make sure that your account balance provider is positive, the password to your wi-fi router set. Then you can use the modem in your goals