Do not think that most ways to earn money fast legal and legitimate. Of course, some of them are connected with risk. But everything should be ready when you get involved in an adventure entitled "to a million in one day".

Ways to earn more in short time

One of popular today ways to earn a lot of money, while not putting any special effort, is gambling. At the mention of this method some displeasure, that all this divorce and cheating. Others, on the contrary, argue that with a bit of luck you can easily obtain quite a considerable profit.
Playing on the exchange, should be aware that it is always connected with certain risk. This happens because we need to have some knowledge that will help you to bet properly and on time to dump the stock.

Another way to obtain the n-th sum fairly quickly and for a short time, is participating in paid surveys. However, this option is available more for residents of large cities. In an average survey duration 3 hours can pay from 1000 to 3000 rubles, depending on the importance of the theme, which rises and complexity of tasks. For example, if we have before the poll a few days keep a diary of observations, the price will be much higher.

Earn can help own blog on the Internet. And if you had it as a platform to communicate with friends and associates, then it can become a source of income. However, this is only on the condition that you write will be interesting.
Modern bloggers easily turns writing notes in the business. Today, the top leaders, travelers, photographers and public figures.

Fast money can bring and medical manipulations. Despite the adoption of the new law on blood donors, the condition for the payment of blood for certain needs still remain. They also assess delivery of complex components of the blood are quite high – up to 6000 R. you can Also participate in various medical experiments. Today often require volunteers who can act as Guinea pigs to conduct various tests. The only thing to remember is that not all of these experiments reflect well on the health of the patient.

Selling funny accessories can also be a good source of income. T-shirts, caps, pens, and other little things the price today, as never before. These little things help to diversify life and make it brighter. So if you know how to do boldly forward.

You can earn and laboring babysit. In today's world many parents need help and support. But often grandmothers at all, next or they just don't want to help their adult children. In this case, young parents and comes in handy babysitter. The cost of the service is dependent on the region. In Moscow an hour of labor for such a sorceress is estimated from 200 to 400 R.

Transcript of various documents – another way pretty quick money. However, have patience, because this work is very tedious.

What to consider

Definitely need to calculate all the risks from the planned event. For example, if you decided that you sing in the transition, remember that there you can always approach those who consider themselves "responsible" for all earning and can talk heart to heart.

In addition, you should abandon the idea of quick money and in that case, if you promised a lot of money, but the path is slightly illegal. You may get more trouble than profit.

Despite the fact that ways to make these fast enough and for the most part spontaneous, do not forget to approach all thought out and balanced. Otherwise, the consequences can be unpredictable.