You will need
  • Website;
  • registration on exchanges for freelancers;
  • program for autosurfing.
To earn online you can use your website or blog. Guaranteed to earn 100 a day online, will have to abandon the idea to make your site can hang the banner advertisement. This method of earning does not involve immediate income, besides, nobody will give guarantees that advertisers will want to use the advertising platform of your website. Although, to write off this way of earning is not worth it. Another option is the use of your website or blog for earnings requires registration on sites of special exchanges, allowing job advertisers to place links to their sites from your. This method is also not immediate, in fact, advertisers prefer quality sites with good parameters that we need to turn out more than one day. Guarantee that you can earn a day for 100 rubles, you also no one will. The third way to earn online through the website and not easy at all. Make attractive to the visitors of the site that contains the services that visitors will want to use it. Making these services pay, you will be able to earn money.
To earn in the Internet, install it on your computer one of the autosurf programs (visits to customer sites). The problem is to find a site that will pay enough money for completing a single job, as well as to provide the desired number of jobs in order to earn a day for 100 rubles. This way of earning passive: you only need to turn on the computer and run the program. However, the drawback of this method is that it can be carried out only in the case if you are not working on the computer. Such earnings are unstable.
Another way to make money on the Internet – the intercept and selling domains. Another variation of similar earnings – check a beautiful domain names and their subsequent sale. This way of earning is slow and requires investment. To sell on the Internet, by the way, can be anything you want.
To earn money on the Internet, use your mind and talents. Make and promote websites, design websites, write texts for websites, moderated forums, enjoy posting. These methods allow to make the Internet stable enough. Make your own portfolio sign up on one of the exchanges for freelancers, respond to demands of employers. The most promising from the point of view of beginning freelancers are exchanges on which jobs are freely available. If your application for one of these exchanges approve of her administration, then earn 100 rubles for an hour and a half will be fairly easy.