Freelancers preferred to be representatives of the following professions:
1. translator.
2. journalist.
3. copywriter, technical writer.
4. webmaster, web designer, programmer.
5. marketer.
Demand for representatives of these professions are high, and the work they can find almost every labour exchange freelancers. However, the other professions can earn in the Internet.
The most common labor exchange freelance, However, quite quickly unwound and the other, new labour exchanges. To earn in the Internet, you can register as many as possible of these exchanges and monitor the proposed projects. Saw an interesting project, contact the customer (usually this is done through the website, via ICQ or Skype) and agree on the timing and payment of work. Often, projects are posted in the morning, and take them, for example, need up to 18 hours, so for new interesting projects should be closely monitored.
To protect yourself from unscrupulous customers, which, unfortunately, are found on the labor markets of freelancers, it is best to work only with prepayment. This means that you must discuss with the customer a payment to your Bank card or Yandex purse half the amount of the order before starting work. You can also follow the work, send the customer the part and wait for the payment before you send the rest. As a rule, customers do not have anything against such practices, and thus, you get your money the same day do the job.
If the labor markets of freelancers is not interesting for you projects, you can use professional communities - there is also sometimes published ads about the need for remote workers for specific projects. For example, it is found in communities of translators, lawyers, etc.
It is worth considering that quite often the work of freelancers is paid less than the labor of an office worker. For example, the proposed rates for customers of freelance translators are sometimes extremely low because of freelance translators a lot, and not all have a great experience. Therefore, initially, until you gain experience, it is unlikely that you will be able to earn in the Internet more than 1000 rubles per day.