You will need
  • Bulletin Board
  • Markers
  • Trash
  • Bedspreads and tablecloths
You can earn money in one day, arranging the sale of their old stuff. Collect the things you no longer need. Anything from clothes and CDs, finishing antique figurines. Attract potential buyers, advertising your yard sale with ads in the district. You can even collect a few of their neighbors to sell unnecessary belongings together and attract more potential buyers. At the appointed sale time put all things on the tablecloths and bedspreads, spread out in the yard on the ground and get ready to enrichment for one day.
Earn in one day with cleaning. Take a plastic bag and gloves and go into a contaminated area, e.g. a Park. Collect a variety of bottles (glass and plastic) which you will come across on the way. The container later, you can take and get a certain amount of cash.
In order to quickly make, you can organize your washing machines. Try to negotiate with the nearest gas station, so they allowed you to start business together. Manufacture of advertising signs to attract customers and set reasonable prices for cleaning services. And the moneyextracted from the company, at the end of the day to share between all the members of your mock business.