So, what types of earnings allow you to make money fast? The first way is a part time job (can be called his student work). If you are young, energetic, you may be approached. Types of part-time work huge: is participation in promotions, tutoring, working as a courier, a promoter or a laborer, conducting social surveys etc. i.e., work without experience, without qualification and full employment. This work can be found in the magazine "Job & salary", the newspaper "Work for You" and in other publications, which publishes the job advertisement. Also many of these jobs online, job websites. You can post your resume or offer their services on various Internet websites or in Newspapers.
The other way is the earnings in the Internet. The world wide web you can find lots of reports of quick earnings: for example, various pyramid schemes, Internet surfing. But in reality, the pyramids are often the usual Scam, and Internet surfing, most likely, will not bring a significant amount of money. Therefore, ads on the Internet can and should be filtered. In the Internet you can find these types of earnings, like the work of a mystery shopper, freelance web designer, programmer, copywriter, translator, earn money on your website...), Forex (needs a small starting capital and having knowledge of financial Analytics at least at a minimum level), participation in online auctions (sale, resale).
The third option is a business or shopping area. The main and first step in business and Commerce – start-up capital and a business plan. What can be trade? This can be a shopping point, shop, cafe, restaurant etc. To open them you need to register as sole proprietors, limited liability company or of the investment (equipment, product, etc.). It can also be real estate (rent, sale of commercial areas, purchase and sale of real estate). Another form of income that enables regarding to make money fast - Internet-shop. In particular, it needs to register a domain name, create a website and promote it.
Earn money fast on their creative abilities (if you have them). For example, if you take good photos, it is possible to earn at stock exchanges stock photos or as a wedding photographer. In addition to the ability to take pictures, you'll need a good camera (semi-professional or professional). If you have a good vocal, you can earn money in restaurants or cafes. If you're good at drawing, you can try to sell his paintings at exhibitions or fairs. Actually, options can be very much, it all depends on what you close and what has the ability. Additional or main source of income on his hobby may subsequently become a source of generating a good income. The main thing is your desire and belief in themselves. Good luck and patience.