Do not envy rich and famous people, you should not waste energy unnecessarily. Better study their life story and listen to their advice.
Always control your expenses. No one says you have to be stingy, but be frugal. So try to always spend less than you earn. The remaining amount learn how to postpone, to provide confidence in the future.
Always cheaper to pay wages than to her. Get a lot of money from the employer is unlikely, therefore it is better to become a business owner. There is a misconception that for opening any business requires a lot of investment. However, in practice there are many examples of enterprising and energetic business people have earned millions starting from scratch. Before becoming a business owner come up with an original and unhackneyed idea, study the markets, calculate investments and ROI.
Working wear, it is unlikely that you will burn to much money. Correctly prioritize their activities. Often what you can put off until tomorrow, is not so important.
Remember that not money makes money, and the man himself.
Don't give something for nothing and don't take without giving anything in return.
Pay attention to the little things. Learn how to benefit from the small amounts that they, in turn, attracted a lot of money. Things with small amounts, you'll learn how to deal with large capital.
Not "fooled" by the opinions of others. Your mind needs to be sober and action - wise. The main indicators of your success are not around, and the results of your work.
Don't bet on the distant future. Live in the here and now.
Be confident in their abilities. Know, that the person can do everything.
If you have already started to large and growing profits, do not disclose to others the secrets of their success, otherwise unable to competitors. Not advertise their income, the envy and attention you absolutely do not need.
Never stop in its development. You need to learn all my life, and this is the best way of investing money.
When you start to earn a lot of money, keep on working, keep going, remember that money can never have too much.