Try to get a job you're interested in. Do things that they know and love. Usually people who are well-versed in some areas, even initially, does not promise big money, fast for the hills and get double the fun from decent pay and beloved work.
Go online and check out the vacancies employers. Please note: you may be in the office or workplace, and at home, remotely. The only condition - do not succumb to offers of quick enrichment without investment.
Work on a rotational basis. Russia has always needed and will need in specialists who are able to work even in the remotest of areas. Of course, this is not easy way to earn money, but you pay for those working in tough Siberian conditions, very good money.
Do some farming. Attachments at first need a lot, but if you manage to establish good relations with the local administration, all costs of organizing and landscaping will pay off quickly. Moreover, the administration itself will send to you all the best buyers. You can later open and a small plant for processing of agricultural products, which greatly increase your profits.
Graduate from a good University with a decent degree. Don't believe the numerous assurances that to get into University and study it without cost is unrealistic. Complain only lazy people and losers. And the teachers are only too happy intelligent students themselves will be happy to help you understand a difficult topic, if you show yourself as such. Therefore, even students who do not have "red" diploma (but no triples), unable to find a paying job under the patronage of the mentor.
Engage in construction and renovations. Assemble a team of specialists. Not necessarily that they were citizens of the Russian Federation, as long as they were masters of their craft. If you're honest with their employees, good results and high reputation not long to wait.