Domestic work can be divided into two types according to the type of the product. The work on creation of the information product involves the use of computer and the Internet. To create a physical product would require raw materials, technology and hands.

On the creation of both types of products can earn the real, though not the huge money. But in both cases, there is the risk of outright fraud.

The production of consumer goods and the ways of deception

Guaranteed no cheating – sewing & knitting, provided that there is a studied market, preferably mastered independently. If there is an intermediary, then increase the risks.

Traditional fraud – wrapping gifts, assembling pens, gluing envelopes, manufacture of soap or candles, the cultivation of oyster mushrooms. All these types of earnings assume that the commodity supply and delivery of consumables. This is the basic rate of fraud. Prospective employee is requested to pay for our services and also make a "insurance payments", in case if the order is not ready on time, it is guaranteed that the insurance will be refunded with the first salary.

Needless to say that the incomprehensible delivery of equipment and the safety contribution of the cooperation ends.

For the production of candles and soap requires special molds. In this situation, the goal of the scammers is to implement most of these molds cost in excess of the real, and the consultancy course. The implementation of the goods remains a concern of the manufacturer.

The only sure way to protect yourself from this kind of fraud is to break information on the Internet. In addition, it is necessary to study the possibility of implementing the product. Hardly homemade candles and soap can compete with professional products, especially in amounts sufficient to solve its own financial problems.

The production of information products

Creating content for sites to earn many copywriters, and the earnings one of the most reliable on the Internet space. But scams are present in this system. They are designed for beginners with no markets for their products. Mail to the applicant will be sent an assignment test test assignment to transcribe a drive to gain the scanned text, to draw a graph – the set of options. It is necessary at least to pay the cost of the disk, and some "employers" are asked to make a minor the insurance amount. As a result, the applicant receives unneeded disk, pays the money almost into the air, doing the work for free. The scammer gets your money bonus, throws off stale product gets a "freebie" work.

To avoid fraud, you must learn the only rule is no payment at the customer's address.