You will need
  • 1) Internet
You've probably already hammered in search engines queries about earnings, and I saw a lot of suggestions for earnings and promises about a lot of money. Actually it was all a hoax. Earn $ 100 per hour while doing nothing, or pressing buttons, you'll never. But the advertising - the motor trade, so all is tempting. But you can earn, and the first thing you need to set yourself to work. It is the work, because easy money is known to not exist, but free cheese only in a mousetrap.
Now we need to set a goal of earnings. Either you come in for a good earnings which might be additional income in the main way of getting money. Or do you need money to meet small needs such as paying online or replenishment of mobile phone balance.
Next are registered in the payment system "webmoney" and "Yandex.Money." All payment transactions in the Internet are mostly through them.
If you need a small but constant income, are recorded in various mail services, click-offices, dont forget. The work will consist in the reading of letters coming to you in the mail, clicks on the proposed sites, banners and other services. You can work participating in surveys. Earnings proposed here will be a small, but stable. But you have to register in many companies.
For more serious earnings you need to work harder, and in a slightly different direction. First, you need to create a website and promote it, earn advertising, clicks, links. For this you need a good understanding of site building. Besides, a lot of work is to promote a site and attract in visitors. Feel have a difficult job.
You can do without a website. To do this, you can get a freelancer. Freelancer – a freelance worker, which makes the fact that writes and edits articles, creates a website, writes scripts and programs for the money. Working as a freelancer, decide working day and type of work. Of course, this requires certain knowledge and skills. For writing articles need to be literate to programming, you need to know a special language. So it all depends on you and your skills.