Navigate to the appropriate menu item to configure Internet on your device. So for mobile devices based on Android go to "Settings" using the appropriate shortcut on the desktop or through the main menu. In the appeared menu choose "Wireless & networks" - "Mobile networks" - "access Point" or APN.
For phones that are running iOS 6, this menu item is located under "Settings" shortcut which is available on the main screen. Select "Basic" - "Network" - "Cellular data network". For devices based on iOS 7, select "Settings" - "Cellular".
Opening the menu, enter the required for making access to the Internet data. Create a new access point and enter any a name for it. In the line APN set mts. In the sections "Name" and "Password" specify the mts. The field "Proxy" and "Port" are to be filled. "Type of authentication" select PAP and APN type enter "Internet", then click "Save" and leave the menu create access point.
To make the change take effect, restart the machine. After making the settings, refer to "Browser", using the appropriate shortcut in the system. For iPhone this option is represented by a Safari. Enter any arbitrary address in the top address bar and press "Enter" to jump. If all settings were made correctly on the screen you will see the appropriate website.
If the connection fails, it is likely that you are not connected to data services. To do this, dial the phone, enter *111*401# and press the call button. If after the above actions to make the network access fails, call the technical support Desk on the number 0890.