You will need
  • - installed the game;
  • software CheMax.
The word "cheat" comes from the English word cheat — cheating. Initially, the term was only used by developers of game systems, but over time, they opened public access to these codes. In most games created for their console input is used. To start just press the button with the symbol "~" (tilde), which is in the upper left corner of the keyboard (under the Escape key). In some games you need to enable the appearance of the console in the settings.
The other less common way is to direct input codes, enter a key combination during play or when paused. Typically, pause is to press the Esc key or Pause Break. For example, in the game GTA Vice City codes, you can enter not only in the game, but also in its menu, and in GTA San Andreas, the developers left the possibility to enter during the gameplay.
In some cases, for the emergence of the possibility of entering the codes, you need to make a small operation to create a. bat file or run the. exe file with certain parameters. To search for the cheat codes as well as information about their input, you can use the Internet.
If you are not familiar with search engines, it is recommended to download the program CheMax, which includes a large database of descriptions and codes themselves. To do this, click on the following link and click "Installer". After install and run you have to type the full game name in the search box and press Enter.
In the right part of the window you will see detailed information on your game. Also in the description of the game you can find a list of trainers and links to download them. A trainer is an exe file, which you can get infinite health, manna, money, etc.
If your game is not known the cheat codes, it is recommended to use special programs for substitution of values. The most common program today ArtMoney.