During the game, all players are divided into two teams: terrorists and special forces. The game ends when the members of one team will beat the other members. The game has achieved huge popularity. Today around the world held the official world Championships, where the top players can show all their skills.To enter codes in "Counter Strike", then start the game. Select menu “Settings”, then “Keyboard”. Then click “Advanced” and enable developer mode. Press ~ (It), and you will see a window in which you need to enter the command sv_cheats 1. It activates the cheat mode. Now you can enter certain cheat codes in order to control your character in the game.
Enter the code Impulse 101 and you get full ammo weapons and ammunition. Dial Impulse 203 and you will be able to remove any object. Enter the command Notarget, which will allow you to become invisible, and enemies sogutma attack you. Killserver command loads the main menu, Noclip allows you to walk through walls. If you want to change the gravity, type the command sv_gravity (number). In the game the default is the value of gravity 800. Knowing all these commands, you can quickly learn how to play "Counter Strike" and you will defeat all your enemies.
If you just started getting to know this amazing and addictive game and don't know how to implement all the above steps, ask for help from a friend or friend who long time playing this game and is well versed in it. He will teach you many previously unknown technique using which you will act more effectively on the playing field. Game "Counter Strike" develops reaction and motor skills movements. Also it will teach you, though virtual, to better navigate the terrain. Try not to play more than three hours a day, as excessive zeal in this matter can greatly overtax the nervous system and lead to gambling addiction, which is then very long treated by the relevant specialists.