Enter codes in the game Point Black
Different hackers hack into the game settings and create a "cheat" programs that give advantage to their owners over other players. Download "Armageddon" for Point Black. Set it to automatic mode and run the shortcut on the desktop. Dialog box opens. It is possible to improve the characteristics of weapons, to increase the amount of money and restore the health of a computer hero.
Enter codes in the game Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne
Is a popular game all over the world. But also it is popular among hackers who hack the game and provide them with cheats.
During the game press Enter and type the desired code.
WarpTen – increases the speed sozdaniyu units IocainePowder - fast death;
WhosYourDaddy – invincible; greedisgood 10000 - adds 10000 gold and wood;
keysersoze 1000 - 1000 gold adds;
leafittome 100 - adds 100 wood;
daylightsavings 18:00 - set time of 18:00;
itvexesme – disable the end of the mission;
Greedisgood 999999 - set the number of all the resources at 999999;
Iseedeadpeople – reveal map;
Enter codes in the game Fallout 3
During the game press “TAB”, you should see the console. If you can't see her, then go to the folder with the save games located in My documents and open the file FALLOUT.ini. Replace some values:
for resolution 1280x1024, for example,
iConsoleTextXPos=200Снова go to the game and open the console. Enter the code and play.
modpca – improves basic statistics of the player ;
modpcs – increases the number of "skill points";
addspecialpoints – adds points to the statistics ;
addtagskills - increases the specified amount of Tag Skill Points.
Enter codes in the game Counter-Strike 1.6 Is one of the most popular online games today. This computer game hackers came up with a lot of cheat programs. Download BadBoy v 5.2. The cheat is a universal, including all its previous versions. Install the program in the root cstrike folder. Start the game and press “Insert”. Menu opens the program. The keys “Page Up” and “Page down” select required setting and play. This cheat allows you to see through walls, run fast, shoot accurately. But for this program on the servers to block.