You will need
  • program Art Money.
To quickly gain experience in Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction in the game press the Enter key. At the prompt, enter Players #, instead of a lattice substitute any value in the range from 1 to 8. This is a "cheat" game, which now will recognize the players as more powerful due to the cheating of their number. If you plan a clash with a small number of monsters, type the value 8, and if boss 1. In this case, the victory will be easier.
Try to use the program ArtMoney to change the value of a particular indicator. For this you can download it from any torrent, check for viruses, install and run after he entered the game. Select the processes Diablo, look at the game parameter value which would change.
Open the search values, configure it and type this number. Do the screening results. Then again go to the game, make sure that this value has changed in a natural way. Perform the screening in Art Money for a new number. Repeat several times until you are left with one result. Change it, open the game and save progress.
Create a new text document, rename it to the name command.txt. Insert the following:


Create another file, secret.txt write the following text, maintaining the position of words in a column:

Save the files in the installation directory of the Hellfire.
Remember that a version of this computer game does not have cheat codes. Their use in other versions can cause instability in the operation of the program, so it is best to use Art Money to change those indicators. Don't forget to frequently save the game progress.