Porridge is a good dish, as the grains contain many useful substances. To make the dish tasty, when cooking, you should adhere to certain proportions.

Buckwheat porridge. A ratio of 1:2. That is, for 1 Cup of grits will need 2 cups of water. However, if you like boiled porridge, you can add a little more liquid.

Fig. For cooking rice or when boiling rice for a salad, stick to a ratio of 1:3. So cereal get crumbly and will not be sticky. Before the flooding of the rice is a little fry in butter.

For cooking rice porridge will approach a ratio of 1:4. The dish will taste better if the water is to dilute or completely replace the milk.

Millet. For lovers of liquid or well-boiled cereals will approach a ratio of 1:4. If you need to cook millet porridge, and cook crisp cereal, 1 part grits to take 3 parts water.

Oatmeal. Oatmeal is traditionally prepared on the basis of a ratio of 1:3. For lovers of more liquid food will approach the ratio 1:4.

Spelt. Unjustly forgotten porridge of spelt prepared in the ratio of 1:2. Barley is not mushy, and the dish can serve as a wonderful side dish.