You will need
  • - buckwheat or flour;
  • water;
  • - a blender or coffee grinder;
  • - measuring utensils;
  • a small saucepan, metal bowl or mug.
Select cereals. Better if it is top grade and enough light, because the dark can be bitter. Try buckwheat, removing debris and husks. Cereals should be thoroughly rinsed not less thoroughly dried.
Porridge for a small child it is necessary to cook from milled cereals. This is more convenient to use a blender. You can, of course, be satisfied and grinder. Of course, provided that it is clean and doesn't smell no coffee, no spices. It is preferable to purchase a separate grinder for cereals. The aroma of coffee is retained for a very long time, it's nice for an adult, but the child may not like it. Crunch buckwheat until then, until it becomes manifest to a cross between semolina and flour — smaller first, bigger second. Homemade buckwheat flour beautifully stored in a glass or porcelain dish, so nothing bad will happen if suddenly you will be more than you planned.
For infants rather than 1 teaspoon of milled buckwheat. To cook is quite liquid, 5% cereal, on this amount of grain requires 100 ml of water. If you have no measuring utensils, use of improvised means — 100g a stack or a glass with a capacity of 200 g.
Pour milled buckwheat in an enamel or stainless steel small capacity. Bring to a boil on a slow fire. Don't forget to stir constantly. The whole process takes 15-20 minutes. In the end you can add a drop of breast milk or baby's usual mixture, if the child is on artificial feeding. For this recipe you can prepare and thicker 10% buckwheat. Enough for the same amount of water to take twice as buckwheat, that is 2 teaspoons. Salt and spices into the porridge for toddlers can not add.
About six month can give a child buckwheat, boiled in cow's milk. Milk should not be fat. It is better to choose something that is designed specifically for young children. In any case, it must be diluted with water in equal parts. Brewed this mess is exactly the same as for foods. The consistency depends on how your baby is used to a rather dense foods.
Child from 9 months buckwheat can be a little sweetened. Of course, if you are not allergic. Instead of sugar you can use fructose or just cook porridge on sour milk or cream. Usually kids like sweet food, but there are exceptions, so don't be surprised if suddenly your child will prefer buckwheat no sugar.
The baby, who is allergic to sugar, to give this product, of course, not worth it. But this does not mean that he will have savoury porridge. You can get out of the situation using other products that are not only allowed to your kid, but he liked me. It may be a fruit puree. Their range is quite large, and you can always find one that the child will eat with pleasure and without unpleasant consequences.