Many people wonder: how to survive the death of a close friend, not only because I don't know how to cope with grief. Another reason is the fact that prolonged grief inappropriately is perceived by others. Especially when we are not talking about relative - parents, children or other relatives, and a friend. Those who had a close relationship with a friend, and can't immediately stop thinking about her and don't know how to hide the soul of their tears. Experts say that his grief hide is not necessary, because coming out it will go.

How to survive the death of a close friend

The ancient traditions of the funeral and Wake, who are now so zealously observed, was invented and developed for a reason. Experts claim that this distribution memorial day helps a person to tune out certain stages and contributed to a more rapid acceptance of the situation.

For example, 9 days is the period when one is in a state of shock from her loss, tries to realize and accept it as a reality. Not to be ashamed to shed tears and to abandon the perception of such a terrible fact that a close friend is no more. People can survive 2 States: freezing in their grief or excessive fussiness. It is often during this period the person who has suffered loss, begin to overcome thoughts of suicide. You need to keep yourself from them. Because your family love you and don't want to lose. Try not to be alone. Vygovarival. Surely you shared with a friend with whom you can reminisce or just to talk. If not, contact your relatives.

40 days after the death of a loved one - a period already starts when the gradual awareness of the situation and its acceptance. However, at this point begins an unconscious search for the deceased in the crowd. It seems that he stands in the midst of the procession, sitting on a nearby seat in the cinema etc. Psychologists say that if a dead friend come in dream is a good thing. It is possible to talk, to complain to her. But the lack of such dreams is an alarming signal which requires a visit to a psychologist or therapist.

The six months since the death of the friend's pain is slightly dulled, but still can return acute periods. Often there is aggression on the deceased with a message: why did you die? how could you leave me? etc.

If all stages are passed and taken internally, by year since the death of the best friend's life slowly begins to stabilize. Acute grief is replaced with a bright sadness.

Psychologists say that the death of a close friend is perceived better if it was the time for her to mentally prepare, for example, she was sick a long time, and this outcome was predicted in advance.

What to do to ease his grief

Often people try to grieve alone, ashamed and hiding your feelings from others. However, this is not worth it. If you need to cry, cry. I want to talk with a friend - write it, pismo. If all this makes your grief.

Many are ashamed to go often to the cemetery to visit the parents of the dead friend or her family to visit the child. All these are false beliefs that only delay your grief. If these meetings do not make you unhappy, but rather give a sense of lightness, you have to afford them.

Remember that to grieve for the loved one - this is normal and should not be ashamed. Because sometimes best friends are closer and dearer to some relatives. If your grief is akin to hysterics, and this condition persists for a long time, it is better to seek professional help - psychologist, who will help you overcome grief.