Cats and Earth's magnetic field

Как пережить смерть кошки

Scientists have proven the fact that cats have a strong connection with the place of their habitat. For example, if a cat is greatly attached to his home, was taken away in an unfamiliar place, then it will not take much effort to overcome the path of over 100 km to come back. There are many stories and documentary evidence, telling about how fluffy the Dodgers overcame hundreds of kilometers to return to the "native land".
According to scientists, cats are the link between the people and the area that is beyond ordinary human perception. That is why their powers are still one of the modern mysteries.

Scientists believe that, most likely, the reason of such behavior of cats lies in the change of the magnetic field of the Earth. This hypothesis was confirmed after these animals were wearing special magnetic collars. The fact that these devices cats instantly lost their navigational skills. Curiously, it did not affect their psychic abilities! This is – more.

As cats are anticipating the death of the owner

как вы пережили смерть собаки

In fact, today almost no one is surprised by the fact that cats can sense the approach of any danger. In particular, we have shown that before an earthquake they have a genuine activity and anxiety. Same thing with volcanic activity: people living on the slopes of active volcanoes, have come to rely precisely on the gut of felines, rather than on forecasts of scientists-seismologists.

About how cats can predict the deaths of their owners, there are several versions. One of them, a man who must die soon, shall issue the corresponding "death" smell that recognize cats. Some scientists suggest that this smell there is a fine admixture of blood.

Cats, like many other animals, feeling the smell, fall into a real riot, experiencing a panic fear: they begin to worry, run around the house from corner to corner, etc. Some people think that such behavior of their Pets is a sign of natural disasters, but after a while for one reason or another they themselves depart to the other world.

According to another version, explaining the mechanism of foreboding cats death of their owners, these animals are highly developed intuition. In other words, it is a cat's sixth sense. People who knowingly uses the same feeling called psychics. Feline intuition miraculously adapts to the human energy field. In most cases, these animals are involuntarily adjust to the karma of their masters.
It is believed that cats are wonderful healers. Scientists can not yet explain this ability, but did not deny it. To cure various diseases of cats taken by breed, personality, temperament.

Here we are not talking about magnetism, about which it was told above, and on closer energy ties cats and people. If the biofield of the owner is present approaching death, Pets (cats and dogs) can sense it. It is a pity that they are unable to report it, so I Express my concern and worry by any means available to them: visibly nervous whine (if your dog), running around the house, etc.