Most likely, you should know that soon your cat will die either from the diagnosis which was put by the vet or from old age. Good that all is clear and to the untrained eye. The animal starts much less, most of the time lying down or sitting, not responding to the call, meows just like that, well and generally behaves weird.

Как пережить смерть кошки

The behavior of the animal

когда умирают собаки

If it is known that soon his hour will come, in a timely manner to build a better couch, or to prepare the place where the cat likes to lie the most. The closer the death, the animal becomes less active, the last day it is likely to do not come out of his hiding place.

Где похоронить домашнее животное

In this situation it is better not to touch a pet that's not easy, it is not recommended to touch him or try to hold. The best thing you can do for him, just to talk. Probably, for the time that the cat lived with you, you could understand how well he understands your speech.

как потушитьт грибы с картошкой

There are cases when it seems doomed and prepared for death pet get out and some time still continued to rejoice owners. Suddenly you have this is the case? Just leave the pet alone, he needs it.
Everyone who has faced such a situation in life, I want to ask don't be sad and think that your cat lived a great, certainly a long life. Everything comes to an end, and perhaps this is the beginning of something new, we need to look at this situation from a philosophical point of view.

что делать с котом в доме

What you need to do after the death of a cat

When the animal died, it is necessary to think over where to bury him. Great are place under the trees, glades, or near water. The more picturesque the better. Not necessarily, it just happened. To carry or transport to the venue can fit any bag, box or normal package.

And there's a saying that if you make a new cat, don't call his name to an old favorite. Better pick up the same beautiful, but a different name. Few people, for a long time lived with a pet, immediately turns a new kitten. If you feel that you are not ready yet, take your time.

Don't forget that whichever family member the animal may become for you, it is still a common pet that you will give joy, but it gave her in response, but nothing more. Try to take it easier, and then the death of your cat or cats will be much less painful. Remember only the good to remain a bright memory, the more he is not exactly right. It's not a global event that requires emotional experiences.