The simplest solution is the funeral of a beloved parrot in the nearby woods, the forest or the Park. To do this, dig the grave a depth of not less than half a meter, in order to protect the corpse of the birds from attacks of stray dogs and cats. The parrot should be buried in a cardboard box, wrapped in tissue. For maximum protection of the body of the pet on top of the burial you need to put quite a few large stones that can protect him from digging.
можно ли приручить дикого попугая
The owners of a private house or suburban area, you can bury the pet in a remote corner of the territory. It is best to choose a place near wood and decorate it with decorative plate or stone, and in the summer to plant the grave with flowers.
как приручить взрослого попугая
In big cities there are special cemeteries for Pets. You can learn about them by calling the inquiry or veterinary clinic. Burial in these cemeteries is worth a lot of money, but sometimes this method is to bury the animal is only acceptable to its former owner.
как приручить быстро попугая
In most of the cities are the unofficial cemetery for Pets. Most often they are in the city Lisova area. In order to find them, contact the vet or from friends.
как лечить попуга
Another option is the parrot funeral cremation of his body. Most often a service was provided by veterinary clinics, but can also be accessed in the local crematorium. In this case, the owner of a parrot it is necessary to bring the body to the institution, to transfer employees, then they will give the ashes of a bird owner. The parrot dust may scatter in the wind, or pour in a special vase.
как научить попугая садится на руку
Recently began to gain popularity in the Japanese model the burial of Pets. For the funeral of a parrot on modern Japanese traditions, his body must first be cremated and then create a special website dedicated to a beloved pet. Such a site can be created on a separate domain or on already existing sites on the Internet. One of the most popular Russian-language sites, is a website On it people can Express condolences for the dead animals of other users or themselves to accept the words of sorrow.