What oznachaet the term "beer"?

To understand whether non-alcoholic beer alcoholic beverages, you must define such a drink as beer. On the basis of articles of the law on control of circulation and of production of ethyl alcohol or any alcoholic beverages, as well as the control of the use of these products (which, by the way, there is no question about the classification of beer "non-alcoholic" and "alcoholic"), you can read that beer is an alcohol product that comprises ethanol produced during fermentation of beer wort produced by brewing malt.
Also, the beer includes hops, water, brewer's yeast, flavoring and aromatic substances.

Apparently, this article beer is of the finished alcohol product, which contains not more than 0.5 percent of ethyl alcohol. And non-alcoholic beer is beer where the alcohol content is less than 0.5 percent. And it is produced by the removal of the finished product alkogolesoderzhaschie ethanol. From all the above we can conclude that since non-alcoholic beer contains less than 0.5 percent of ethyl alcohol, then by definition, this drink is not alcoholic beverages.
However, based on the same definition of beer, this drink can not be called.

And yet, the manufacturers call this drink the beer, and, consequently, from the General definition of beer, non-alcoholic beer could be considered an alcoholic product.

In some stores non-alcoholic beer you can buy, even at night, as sellers focus on what's in this drink no alcohol. If these stores decided not to carry non-alcoholic beer to alcoholic production, it is sometimes even sold to children. It turns out that the child has not attained the age of majority, can come back and buy any non-alcoholic beer. Such situation is absolutely dangerous, because even a 0.5% alcohol in each jar, may cause severe consequence, if you drink one beer, but several.

The effect of non-alcoholic beer on the human body

When used in small amounts, approximately 0.5 liters per day, beer acts as a source of minerals and vitamins. It is composed of nutrients such as proteins, sugars, bio-energetic elements. But because of a mistaken belief that beer is not very alcoholic drink in the last days they were much abused. Due to such irresponsible attitude to this drink, some people have beer dependence. In this case non-alcoholic beer can act as an alternative to the use of alcoholic beverages. It contains all the nutrients and a small amount of ethanol.

Scientists from Japan proved that beer improves the protective functions of the body from radiation. Found that after 0.5 liter of beer light varieties, 34% reduces the number of chromosome damage resulting from x-ray irradiation. This is due to the combination of biologically active substances contained in the drink with alcohol.