Beer drinking

Assessing the dangers of beer, doctors claim that this beverage develops a strong relationship, resulting in the man striking the so-called "beer alcoholism". This alcoholism cure is very difficult, because people who drink beer, does not consider himself an alcoholic, and symptoms does not have pronounced symptoms.

Thus, according to psychologists, personality indicators rapidly offset by, a person with this type of alcoholism is prone to mood swings, prolonged depression, he abandons his own opinions, it becomes easy to manage, and led. The reason for that is harmful salts of heavy metals, which accumulate in the body of a "victim" who drink beer.
Remember that 1 liter of beer for the intoxicating properties, equal to 50 grams of vodka.

When excessive consumption of beer can develop not only alcohol addiction, but also diseases of the liver, heart, brain, and dysfunction of many systems of the human body.


When drinking beer develops syndrome "beef heart". As a result of disease of the cavity of the heart greatly enlarged, and the walls thicken, which leads to malfunction of cardiac muscle and its weakening. Heart literally swells and becomes decrepit. Such a heart will not be able to work for a long time. All this happens because of the content in beer cobalt, which greatly expands the blood vessels, hindering the blood pumping.
Should be noted that beer in small doses the body does not harm, drunk every couple of weeks a mug of beer after the bath activates the metabolism and improves the functioning of the stomach. Moderation!

Drinking beer affects health and hormonal balance, endocrine system of a person due to the excessively high content of heavy metals. Simply put, beer drinking leads to impotence and infertility. In addition, the consumption of beer completely changes the hormonal system of the male and female body. So, men cease to produce testosterone, and they become effeminate. Women, on the contrary, he begins to produce in large quantities, which leads to a change in voice and growth of hair, including on the face.

Consumption of beer is harmful and the fact that it increases the risk of cancer hundreds of times. This primarily affects the liver, which ceases to process the blood properly. As a result it leads to its increase, which causes a severe form of hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver.

When excessive and continuous consumption of beer die off of brain cells. It threatens to stroke, brain cancer and multiple sclerosis, there is a complete degradation of man.