Drinking alcohol means taking a products that contain ethyl alcohol in different proportions. Alcohol is divided into strong and lightweight. The strong are those drinks that have a large number of degrees. The recorded number of light beer and various cocktails factory. In any case, any alcohol is strictly monitored and governed by the legislation in the sphere of turnover of such products.
Under the drinking of understand single or mass consumption of products that contain alcohol.

The law on the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages regulates trade rules and identifies places that may or may not to drink alcohol.

Where it is impossible to drink alcoholic beverages

In the Act of drinking alcohol is an article of the Labor code, which stipulates disciplinary liability, including dismissal, for drinking alcohol in the workplace. Still not welcome and coming to work drunk.
With the exception of those cases when alcohol exhibited with the permission of the government, for example, at the corporate Banquet. Again, it is better not to get involved too. Because the dismissal of many employees after frequent.

Prohibited is the consumption of alcoholic beverages in such places as playgrounds, schools and kindergartens and sports schools. Moreover, under the administrative responsibility falls not only the drinking of beverages in these places, but the appearance of them in a drunken state. Moreover, it is understood that the penalty for such offense could be up to 1500 p. or even be commuted to 15 days of arrest.

In addition, you can't drink no beer, no cocktails or something stronger on-site medical institutions, in public transport, in places of a mass congestion of people, in parks, squares and streets, as well as in museums, gallery and concert halls.

No excuses like "I pack covered and can not see anything, we culturally are sitting and not bothering anybody", etc. won't work. Violators will necessarily be subjected to administrative punishment. Moreover, it is worth considering that the act extends to minors. However, in this situation penalty will be imposed on their parents.

What measures on struggle against drunkenness

One of the measures which is designed to reduce the amount of alcohol consumed, was quite a controversial sales restriction. Now alcohol of any kind (even weak) can't buy from 21-23 8 am. The first digit of each region independently. For example, in Moscow the sale of alcohol, including beer stop at 11 PM, and in Moscow region – 9.

In addition, in some regions there are restrictions on the sale of alcohol on such days as the Day's last school bell, the First of September, the youth Day. It is a low alcohol drink or not.