Can I drink wine nursing: what do the doctors say

The doctors ' opinion on the matter is clear – during pregnancy and breastfeeding alcohol is prohibited for consumption. But because a nursing mother, if she cares about her baby and wishes to grow up healthy, should drink not only wine, but other types of alcohol.

Exceptionally, occasionally you can consume only non-alcoholic beer in moderation, if this drink is made from natural ingredients. In addition, during pregnancy and the breastfeeding woman is strictly non-Smoking.

Why not drink wine nursing

Alcohol is very rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream. Accordingly, he quickly passes into breast milk. The baby may simply refuse the breast when its mother was drinking even a little wine.

The infants protective functions of the body is very weak. In particular, his liver is not yet able to fight even with a minimum alcohol dose received via milk. According to medical research, children under the age of 3 months, the excretion of alcohol occurs 2 times slower than in adults.

In addition, alcohol is toxic. If the mother uses the wine in the feeding period, the child may have allergic reaction.

If you still really want to drink...

A nursing mother should remember that drinking alcohol in large quantity in any case impossible. But what if you need to go, for example, a celebration or just really wanted to drink a glass of wine? Of course, the best option would be the abandonment of alcohol intake.

If you don't want to do that, at least take certain precautions.

Before drinking, decant as much of breast milk to be enough for at least 2 feeding the baby. Do not drink a lot. Nursing mother, as an exception, you can afford only 20-50 ml of wine. Will be better if you make only a few small SIPS.

Remember that the highest concentration of alcohol in the blood appears approximately in 20-30 minutes after its use. If you drink when eating, the time may increase up to about 40-60 minutes.

At least in the next 5-6 hours after drinking alcohol, do not apply the baby to the breast. After this time your body significantly reduced the concentration of toxic substances alcohol (if you drink). Only then can breast-feed.

However, if you cherish well-being and health of your baby, it is better to abstain from alcohol until that moment, until you cease to breastfeed.