It is important to understand that a small amount of alcohol (max 1.5%) in non-alcoholic beer is not likely to deprive him of belonging to the alcoholic beverages. Statistics show that the majority of beer drinkers continue to drink the traditional beer. But as long as there is a demand for non-alcoholic it will be. More troubling is not the fact of the existence of such a beer, as the contingent, use: adolescents, drivers and pregnant women "drop to drink" alcoholics. You need to understand the simple technologies of production of non-alcoholic beer to the above categories of citizens to be put at risk.

How to make non-alcoholic beer

All the milestones that are going to traditional brewing, certainly respected in the process of making soft drink: grain is converted into malt, the malt in the wort, the wort is flavored with hops and finally the yeast give the final product the desired degree. None of the steps are not thrown out.

In the case of the preparation of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beer to maintain the same proportion of phytoestrogens and fusel oils. Hence, all the positive and negative characteristics inherent in ordinary beer, non-alcoholic, too. The percentage of alcohol decreases due to evaporation at high temperatures. And if it is also made with the membrane filtration method, is reflected in the price. It is much higher.

In Russia the production of non-alcoholic beer have mastered in the 70-ies, when the percentage of accidents due to persistent use of alcohol exceeded all conceivable limits. Know a lot about the art of brewing, show that the first attempts to create non-alcoholic counterpart was not so successful. Tasting beer drink, significantly different from natural beer, many were rejecting him.

Use or self-deception

Modern technologies allow to create a non-alcoholic beer of high quality, which taste and aroma is practically no different from usual. But it's not happy, because to make beer of this quality without chemistry it is impossible. There is the cobalt, which is used as a foam stabilizer. It leads to serious disturbances of the heart and gastrointestinal tract.

As close as possible to the original, it is haunted by those who decided to "engage" with alcoholism. Starting with small degree, suffering from alcoholism inevitably returns to a more strong drink. Practice shows that teenagers play at first use non-alcoholic beer, after some time, begin to abuse the normal.

Beer is beer, and the proof of its production process. For frequent use, especially among minors, it causes over time, alcohol dependence. Today for anybody not a secret that there is a beer alcoholism. Many impresses the fact that "eating" can be soft to get behind the wheel and feel "at ease" at the holiday table. However, most experts believe that the hope to replace them allegedly harmful alcohol people are just fooling themselves.