Start iTunes on your computer and connect your Apple device via the USB port using the cable that came in the kit when buying a camera. After connecting, wait for the device definition in the system.
Click on the icon of your device in the upper right corner of the program. In the window that appears you will see a list of tabs that display the appropriate section for synchronization. Select "Photos" in the top tab bar of iTunes.
You will see a window which will display all the files that are currently imported into the program. Check the box next to "Sync" and click on the drop-down list in the same line, and then click "Choose folder".
You will see the "Explorer" window, which will be required to select a folder containing your pictures and videos. Using this interface, select the directory that holds the image required for adding to the machine.
Click on the "OK" button to apply the changes. Then you can add more directories in which to store other files and photos.
You will see a list of found images, among which you can select, removing or putting the checkbox in the menu below. You can also select "All folders" to sync all data, or select "Selected folders".
After applying the desired settings, click "Apply" and wait for the operation. After copying is complete, you will see a notification in the program window. Adding images to your device complete and you can disconnect it from the computer.