You will need
  • - personal computer;
  • - installed iTunes;
  • - mobile device from Apple.
There are many video formats, but the most popular of these is AVI, however for viewing on Apple devices file should have a resolution of mp4 or m4v. To convert a file from one format to another, you will need a Converter.
One of the most popular - Aleesoft Free iPad Video Converter. However, you can choose any convenient for you. The principle of their action is the same – choose a file or a folder on your device, indicate the format, move the file, confirm the operation and wait. Depending on the performance of the computer, the conversion process of the file can take from several minutes to several hours.
When the process is finished, you will have a folder containing movies to the required format. Open it in a separate window. Open iTunes, then click left top tab "Movies". Hover over the top edge of the folder window with the movies, then, holding the left mouse button, drag the folder with the movies in the iTunes program window. Icons movies appear in your library. If you threw off the series, they will likely be displayed in the "Show".
Next, connect your mobile device, give it some time to sync. Select your device in the left column, click on it once. In the opened window select the tab "Movies" and check the box in the row of "Sync movies." Also add a tick in line "Automatically include all movies". Give it time to sync the device with iTunes. Disconnect the device from your computer – now you can watch movies on your iPhone or iPad.