On the iPhone and other Apple devices, the files and programs that you can download via a special iTunes application. If you have not yet installed this program, download it for free from Apple website and install it on your computer.
Launch the iTunes application. Connect your iPhone to the computer using USB cable. At the top of the iTunes window, select the iPhone tab. On the top bar click on the string of Photos.
Select "Sync photos from". In the dialog that opens, specify the path to the folder where you store your pictures. You have the option to copy to the iPhone the contents of several folders with graphics files. For this we need ticking. You likewise can choose to copy individual photos within the folder.
Click on the "Synchronize" and wait until the data exchange process between iTunes and iPhone. Disconnect the phone from the computer.
On the iPhone screen click on the icon in the section "Photos" and verify that all photos have been successfully copied to the phone.
Graphic files on Apple devices you can transfer using cloud storage services: Dropbox,, iDrive, Google Drive etc. All these services can be stored on a remote server several gigabytes of data.
Download in Internet and install it on your computer and iPhone apps to access cloud storage. Pass the registration procedure. Upload to the cloud a series of photos on the computer. Wait for them to upload. In iPhone, open the app cloud vault and save the necessary files to the "Photo".
You can upload to iPhone a few photos, sending yourself an email. On computer save in my mailbox a letter with a few attached photos. Open the email on the iPhone. View the attached photo, and save them individually on the phone.