You will need
  • - iTunes Art Importer.
To download to your IPod the cover of the album, use iTunes Art Importer. This utility connects to Amazon and automatically searches for the required graphic images, i.e. covers. Download software this link Install it and run it. Also don't forget that iTunes Art Importer requires iTunes. They will run concurrently and work together.
If you have your own graphics file for the cover, then pay attention to the program's interface is iTunes. In the lower left corner, locate the empty box that is designed to cover. Drag your image in this place, then your album with the music assigned to the desired image. It will play on your iPod when listening.
If you do not need a graphic image, then use the previously installed iTunes Art Importer. Highlight in this program all the music belonging to the future album. Then pay attention to the program's interface and locate the button with the magnifying glass. Click it, and then begin the process of finding cover, or rather several of its variants. From the list, select any image and click on the button located to the right of "magnifying glass" (it shows a disk with an arrow).
As a result, all selected music will be assigned to the uploaded image. Then connect your iPod to the computer. Go to iTunes, select "Devices". Go to the tab "Music" (under "Library"). Select songs with the installed cover and drag them into the Devices section on your iPod. Also, to load the albums covers in player, you can go the other way by pressing the "Sync" button at the bottom of the program.